Pieter Lenaerts (°1977), double bassist and e-bassist, was born in Leuven, Belgium and continuously lived and studied there till he obtained a master in composition from the Leuven 'Lemmens Institute' in 2002. Meanwhile he had discovered the musical possibilities of the double bass, and because the urgency to become an experienced musician had become very strong after a long and mostly theoretical composition formation, he studied classical double bass with Ludo Joly at the Ghent conservatory where he obtained a master in 2005. Since then he is a freelance double bassist and double bass teacher with a continuous interest in new music.

Apart from this academic musical formation, Pieter learned a lot about different 'ethnic' kinds of music as a double bassist on the international 'ethno'-scene of folk-, world- and jazz groups, since 1999. Several interesting musical collaborations with many great musicians coming from entirely different backgrounds made him travel to various places worldwide, and all these experiences helped him a lot to grow as an improvising musician. A severe right shoulder injury, unfortunate consequence of a bus accident on one of these travels in april 2006, forced him to take a two-year break from serious classical playing. After this period of recovery he rebuilt and changed his classical technique using the german bow.

In 2012 Pieter started studying an 'advanced master in contemporary music' at the School of Arts in Ghent, coached by the Belgian Ictus and Spectra ensembles. Around the same time he also attended some master classes with Klangforum Wien double bassist Uli Fussenegger. Currently Pieter is leading the contemporary music ensemble "Tiptoe Company" together with guitarist Jona Kesteleyn. Besides Tiptoe Company he is a free lance bassist with other contemporary music ensembles such as the Nadar and Ictus ensembles. In the improvised music scene he performs with the "contrabasssss" quintet led by Peter Jacquemyn and "Razen", a project led by Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour.

Pieter is living in Antwerp, Belgium since 2007.

e-mail: pieterlenaerts77[at]

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